Conley House Restoration 2001

Here are a few photos of my house, taken during 2001, to show the progress in rehabilitating the structure after our January 7, 1998 fire.  Some of the photos were actually taken at the end of 2000, as contractors Rick Stein and Eddie Nelson worked towards the goal of having the office area functional by the first week of January 2001. If I wasn't able to move then, it would interfere with tax season.

By the middle of December, furniture and curtains in the front room, to be my secretary's office, were coming together.

I always wanted to have  my Christmas tree in the bay window, and finally got my wish in 2000. I took the curtains down so that it would show off better. The new tree came from the Discount Variety Store in Carmi, which is a great source of silk flowers and ribbon and decorating items.

Rick liked this photo of the tree from outdoors. I had candle lights to attach to the lower part of several windows, which added a nice lived-in look.

Rick worked late into the night before the move. Here he arranging traditional looking floor tiles in the new bathroom. The pattern has to be established before they can be grouted and glued.

I really don't have any pictures of Rick moving boxes or boxes stacked up in the office, although my small office has lots of boxes. It was too cold to waste time, and I was too busy sorting boxes and files. You can't believe all the things we found! Rick did most of the moving, even down to unpacking boxes and returning them to my old office so I could refill them.

It didn't take long for me to get pictures and books and stuff into my office.When the phones got moved on January 3, Bonnie moved that day and I came the next.

Another photo of my office, which is pretty plain. The brick paneling was installed by a previous owner, and the white finish makes it look bright while giving me room to display certificates and pictures.

I got the red lamp at an auction--it matches my hall lamp exactly, and compliments the desk and pictures.

Here's the front office taking shape. The two oak chairs belonged by Judge Charles Jones of McLeansboro, whom James clerked for when we first moved to Carmi.

The office is ready for work. The love seat originally came from the old Webb-Hay house--it had a 1900 mark on it, maybe for a day--and James had used it in his office for several years. My friend Jeannie and I did some of the sanding, Eddie refinished it, and Willadean Baird of Eldorado repaired the springs and reupholstered the piece. It's now on the back wall of the office.

Hobo, who was 15, did better in the new office than expected. She claimed this tiffany style library light as her private heat lamp. Unfortunately, kidney disease claimed Hobo in the summer of 2001.

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