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This information comes largely from a Overstreet Family Newsletters published in the early 1980s. They have been posted at the large Overstreet family page.  This page is strictly on the Overstreets who migrated to Kentucky, in hopes of finding the connection with my James W. Overstreet, b. 1820, d. 1874, McLean County, KY, which I think I have accomplished in May, 2000.  I have also added several excerpts from the KY biographies project and the KY genweb project, as well as emails from the Overstreet mailing list. I also have tried to match marriages from the Overstreet newsletters, and need to work on census matches.  I have also purchased Bob Overstreet's ( book on "Overstreets in Virginia, 300 Years of Bedford County" which contains his compilation of both the James and Thomas lines, and have compared my listing to his.  I have identified him as BobO in the items below.

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If you are looking for Overstreets in states besides KY, visit the friend Overstreet Homestead at . There is a wonderful mailing list associated with the group as well, with such outstanding researchers as Brent Baughn, Scott Swanson and Susan Buckley.


Many of the Overstreets found residing in Kentucky were and are descendants of James Overstreet who moved to Kentucky from Virginia. Some of these hold to the theory that James Overstreet was an emigrant and mariner born in London, England, in 1736, and that he quit the sea and came to Virginia c 1759. Perhaps he was in the company of his brothers, John and Thomas. R. E. Overstreet of Canada has done much research into the records of England, and has failed to find a James Overstreet born in England in or about 1736. R. E. Overstreet does conclude that a possible birth place could have been Christchurch Parish, since their records were destroyed. Some descendants and researchers believe that James Overstreet was born in Virginia, perhaps Hanover County, and that his father or an earlier ancestor came from England. Records do indicate that Overstreets were in the state of Virginia as early as 1650.  Some Overstreet researchers try to say that James, Thomas (the Hatter) and Mitchell were brothers, all born in Virginia, but there is scant evidence.

LDS records appear to indicate that this James is the same person as James P. Overstreet, a son of William Overstreet and _____ Holcombe. James P. appears to have stayed in Virginia and had at least four children, which separates him from the James who went to KY. I tend to be quite suspicious of Mormon-generated pedigrees.

I think it is well worth mentioning a letter written in 1934, from Dr. Arthur Hieronymus of Oakland, California, to Edith O. Morris of Richmond, California, in which the following contents were found: "James Overstreet, the emigrant, was born in London in 1736. He was a mariner. He quit the sea and came to Virginia. In 1749, he married and settled in Culpeper Co. He became quite an extensive land owner and a man of considerable means. He married three times, first to Jenny ?; she was born in 1742, died in 1770, and married Dec. 6, 1759, had five children; second to Annie?; she died Oct 13, 1781, had five children; third to Nancy Davis, born in 1760, died Oct. 29, 1832, married July 25, 1783, had eleven children, two were born in VA, nine in Kentucky. In 1790, he sold his Virginia lands and moved to KY, with his slaves, horses, cattle and chattels. He trecked from Culpeper Co. to the Ohio River, then on a flat boat went down the Ohio to the mouth of the Kentucky River, then up this riverto the great bend that formed the southern boundary of Fayette Co, the part now constituting Jessamine Co. He was accompanied by most of his children and their families. He took up 2000 acres of land and built a great log house. This house was still standing in 1907, and occupied by a George Overstreet. James died there Feb. 28, 1817. His widow Nancy remained on the old place for a number of years. Her son Robert Dale lived with her. About 1828, he purchased land in Mercer Co., KY, and moved there taking his mother with him. She died near Harrodsburg, KY, in 1832."

Please not that the above quote shows James Overstreet as having 21 children, 5+5+11, when his probate records indicate he was the father of 18 children, with the additional three being grandchildren. Their father was apparently James Overstreet, listed as VI. below, who died in 1814.  I have this page displayed in a number of typefaces and styles to indicate the patchwork of information.

James Overstreet, b in 1736, in either England or Virginia, d in Jessamine County, Kentucky, February 27, 1817, m 1) Jenny ?, b in 1742, in Culpeper County, Virginia, and d September 19, 1770, in Virginia.

I.     Thomas Overstreet b 1762, d 1832, m Zillah Yeamans, served in Revolutionary War, moved from Virginia to Kentucky c 1790.   Thomas Overstreet, was born in Hanover County, Va.,  January 17, 1762; he, with his father, James Overstreet, moved from Virginia and settled in Fayette County, Ky., in 1789, and remained until 1791, then moved to Jessamine County.  He was in the Revolutionary war, was in the battle of Cowpens, Guilford C.H., at Utah Springs in South Carolina, and died in Jessamine County April 4, 1832.

    A.    Betsy b.2/26/1783 m.  Pleasant Paris Dec. 27, 1802 in Jessamine Co., KY

    B.    Nancy b. 10/19/1784  m. Pleasant  Alverson Nov. 4, 1805 in Jessamine Co, KY BobO has children Wesley and Thomas Alverson, both b. about 1820/

    C.    Jane or Jenny 1787 m. John Hall

    D.    Charles Overstreet b February 4, 1791, d October 1836 in Jessamine Co, KY, m May 9, 1814 Nancy Alverson,  b October 17, 1792, d December 14, 1885 (have 1855 from another source). Charles Overstreet was born in Jessamine County , farmed all his life in this county and died in October, 1836.  Charles and Nancy  have five children living in 1885, viz.: Elizabeth, William, Monroe, James and Samuel.

                1.    Elizabeth Overstreet  1815 m. Wilson West (Children Elliot, Henry, Richard, James, Annie, Lucy and Mary Ann West)

               2.     William Overstreet  1817 m. Elizabeth Frances Nave
                      a.    George Herbert Overstreet
                            b.    Virginia Washington Overstreet
                            c.    Charles Elijah Overstreet

                3.    Emaline Overstreet  1818-1837 m. Silas Bruner Dec 22, 1836 in Jessamine Co, KY (Daughter Estella, m. Dr. Elijah Evins)

             4.    Jane Overstreet  1820 m.  Silas Bruner Jan 9, 1838 in Jessamine Co, KY (Children Florida, Smith, Ellis, Perry, Charles, and two d. who died in childhood.) (From a KY biography entry: Mr. Ferrell was married April 6, 1869, to Miss Florida, daughter of Silas and Jane (Overstreet) Bruner, of Jessamine County.  Silas Bruner died Jun 2, 1872; Jane (Overstreet) Bruner, October 15, 1865. )

                5.    Monroe Overstreet  1823 m. Martha _________ in 1854. Moved to MO

                6.    James Overstreet 1825 Never married, and was Methodist minister called Uncle Jeems.

                7.    Samuel Overstreet  1828-1913 m 1)Anna Maria Horine  2) Sudie Price Overstreet, a cousin In 1885 he resided five miles southwest of Nicholasville.  Samuel Overstreet was reared on a farm in Jessamine County, where he was born.  "He was married, April 11, 1860, to Miss Anna M. Horine, of Nicholasville, daughter of Gen. John and Lucy B.(England) Horine."

                        a.    Lucy G., June 20, 1863

                        b.     Edward Y., November 21, 1867

                8.    Mary Ann Overstreet  1829 m. _______ Askins (Children Ophelia, Alex, Sam and Annie)

                9.    Martha Overstreet  1832-1833

                10.   Perpetua Overstreet  1834-1839

    E.    Jeriah (female) b. 6/25/1793  m. James Harris, a cousin

    F.    James m. three times  b October 23, 1795, in Kentucky, d April 29, 1863
            m1.)  March 25, 1817 in Jessamine Co, KY Elizabeth Kersey b December 8, 1802, d November 15, 1828.

                1.  Cynthia Ann Overstreet b February 19, 1818, m John Potts Aug 21, 1834 in Jessamine Co, KY

                2.  William Fry Overstreet b April 14, 1819 no record

                3.  Julia Ann Overstreet b March 3, 1821, m Joe Hoover, moved to Texas

                4.  Milton Overstreet b December 9, 1822 m. Catherine Martin Oct 16, 1838, Mercer Co, KY (no record in Overstreet-Horine book)

                5  Greenberry Overstreet b November 13, 1824 no record

                6.   Elizabeth Overstreet  b December 19, 1826, m George Easly Apr 23 1846 Jessamine Co, KY (Daughter Miranda m. Boone Rhorer.)

                7.   Maria Overstreet  b September 16, 1828 d. Dec 31, 1828

    F.  James Overstreet m 2) June 2 or 3, 1829 in Jessamine Co, KY, Maria Downs, b December 31,1806, and d May 8, 1833.

                8.  Thomas Jefferson Overstreet  b March 1, 1830, d September 26, 1894, m Sarah Jane Overstreet, 1834-1897, dau. of Robert Dale and Jane (Lowry) Overstreet on Oct 6, 1853

                a.    Anna Maria Overstreet 31 July 1854 m. Mack Cecil, lived in Mercer Co. near Harrodsburg, KY (Children; 1. Howe, lived in WA, 2. May Antonette, d. age 15, 3. Sarah Jane lived in Lexington, KY,  4. John Russell never married, killed by lightning, 5. Julia m. Gore Moberly of Lexington, KY)

                b.    Olly Edwin Overstreet b&d 1856

                c.    Jenny Lowery Overstreet  4 June 1857 m. N.P. Sampson, lived near Hall's Gap, Lincoln Co. KY  (children; 1. Pove, 2. Al, 3. Raymond, 4. J.C., 5. Leonard, 6. Baily, 7. Jenny, 8. Sarah.) Note that she is not the same person as the Jenny Lowery O who married the James P.Stagg below.

                d.    Sudie Price Overstreet 1859 m. Samuel Overstreet a cousin, married late in life

                e.    Alvin Jefferson Overstreet (listed in the Hunt book as Andrew Jackson Overstreet) b. 3 Apr 1861. He was married four times:   m1. 15 Dec 1887 Mary Ann Scott, b.1856, d. 1888 She died two months after they were married due to burns received when her clothing caught fire while burning leaves in the yard.
                e. Alvin Jefferson Overstreet  m2. Lucy Grant Overstreet, (20 June 1863-1 Sept 1897) daughter of Samuel O. (1828-1913) and Anna Maria Horine (1838-1897) Lucy and A.J. had the same Great-grandfather; Thomas O. (1762-1832) Her grandfather was Charles, his was James. Lucy and A.J.'s children;

        1. May Belle Overstreet 12 May 1890 d. infant,

        2. Paul Cecil Overstreet 5 Sept 1891  m. Lou Hayhurst

        3. Jimmie Overstreet 8 June 1892 d. infant,

        4. Anna Maria Overstreet 19 June 1893 d. infant

        5. Thomas Jefferson Overstreet 16 Aug 1894 m. Bertie Kennett

        6. Samuel Alvin Overstreet  21 Dec 1896  ****The author of "SAM"****, m. Irma Jones.  I have looked at exerpts from his book.

                e.   Alvin Jefferson Overstreet  m3. Nannie Campbell,  (11 Sept 1861-14 Mar 1900)

                         1) John Campbell Overstreet 19 Feb 1900-18 Apr 1900

                 e.  Alvin Jefferson Overstreet  m4. Rebecca Spoonamore 8 June 1901 Rebecca b l1 Nov 1855-d 22 Jan 1939)

                f.    Mary Belle Overstreet 12 Feb 1863 m. Rev. Russell Baird  none of their children reached adulthood

               g.    James Harvey Overstreet b. 1865 and died as a child.  There is another James Harvey Overstreet below.

                h.    Nannie Cunningham Overstreet b 1867 never married

                i.    Linda Overstreet b 1870 d 1873

                j.    Robert Smith Overstreet b&d 1873

                k.   Walter Crumbaugh Overstreet b 1874 or 21 Jun 1876.  "Left home 7 Feb 1897 and was never heard from again" according to the O newsletters. There is a George Crumbaugh farther down on this page.

                l..    Daisy Mae Overstreet b&d 1878

    F.    James Overstreet m 3) September 5, 1833 in Jessamime Co, KY , Elizabeth Easly b November 25, 1807, d November 28, 1849.

                9.  Martha Ann Overstreet  b November 16, 1834, m Green B.  Hill Oct. 29, 1857 in Jessamine Co, KY

                10.  Margaret Price Overstreet  b November 19, 1836, m John C.C. Thompson Nov 26, 1859, Jessamine Co, KY

                11.  Mary Fletcher Overstreet  b July 9, 1839 crippled and never married

                12.   James Harvey Overstreet  b December 3, 1841, m Anna Overstreet, a cousin on Nov 7, 1867

                13.   George Crumbough Overstreet  b January 6, 1844m Texora Crank  In another source there are stories about Uncle Crum and Texora. (daughters Lucy and Maude)

                14.  Catherine Easly Overstreet b February 11, 1847, m Mr. Hooker

    G.    Thomas Overstreet b 1798 d. 1838 m. Elizabeth Potts and had at least two sons.  Thomas lived in Jessamine Co. and was a carpenter and farmer

                1.    J. Pink Overstreet b. 1835 m. Sallie Miller Dec. 17, 1856 (there is a bio of J. Pink in an 1885 History of Kentucky) He was b. and lived in Jessamine Co as a farmer and carpenter.

                        a.    Alnegie Oversteet m. Clinton Dean

                        b.    Myrtle Overstreet m. Walter Harris

   H.    John Yeamans Overstreet   b December 15, 1800, d before 1830, married and left three
         sons (may be married to Frances Rollins, May 19, 1825 in Jessamine Co, KY)

            1.    Wallace Overstreet, m. Ladensa ________ .  Buried in Sugar Creek, Watts Cemetery, Jessamine County, KY. Most of this line is from Mickey Cox,, a descendent.) The following article appears to be about this family in general:

WATTS and SAGESER FAMILIES.  After the dispersion of the Moravian Missionaries in western Pennsylvania, and the Territories of the Northwest, many of the followers of John Huss, the founder of the sect, settled in Jessamine County, where, for more than sixty years, they enjoyed perfect peace and religious freedom.  They had a large church on Jessamine Creek. Rev. Jacob Rhorer was the last of the original Moravian preachers in Jessamine County, and died about 1866.  Among the early settlers who were followers of John Huss may be members of the Arnspigers, Ashews, Bashes, Bowmans, Cawbys, Cormans, Dennises, Earthenhouses, Frazers, Grows, Brunners, Hoovers, Howsers, Smiths, Sagesers, Rhorers, Rices, Ritters, Gorforths, Funks, Zikes, Veatches, Vantreeses, Katrons, Hiffners,Waggamons, Wormsleys, Overstreets and Easlies.

                    a.    William Wallace "Will" Overstreet m. Edith Caywood (two daughters). Buried in the Nicholasville Cemetery.

                    b.    John Franklin Hilliary "Hill" Overstreet. Died about 1927. Married Ida Bell Sageser of Jessamine County.

                            1)    Beulah Overstreet, died shortly after marriage and had a daughter, who was raised by Maximo. Mickey Cox is the son of Beulah's daughter.

                            2)    Maximo Gomez Overstreet (female). Married a Gerhart or Gerheart, one son, Walter Max Gerhart,  living in Kokomo, IN

                    c.    Jenny

                    d.    Margaret

                    e.    Squire

                    f.    Hillary

            2.    John Overstreet

            3.    Sam Overstreet--I am assuming these are the same person--CAPT. S. R. OVERSTREET was born in Oldham County, Ky., near LaGrange,February 27, 1827.  He was reared by a stepmother to the age of thirteen, when he was left entirely an orphan.  He moved to Jessamine County, and learned the carpenter's trade under Andrew Hamilton, remaining with him until 1846, when, war being declared between the United States and Mexico, he enlisted in Capt. Willis' company, Second Kentucky Infantry, commanded by Cols. McKee and Clay.  He served under Gen. Taylor, and participated in the battle of Beuna Vista.  In 1849 he was married to Miss Martha Burton, of Jessamine County, daughter of Jefferson and Lucy (Gulley) Burton.  He settled near Little Hickman.  At the breaking out of the late civil war he raised a large company of State militia, of which he was captain.  He was afterward promoted to major.   Capt.Overstreet had been a great sufferer with heart disease for many years, but he stood the storm until Sunday, January 2, 1881, when he was taken suddenly ill with typhoid pneumonia. Tuesday, January 11, 1881, he passed away.

            a.  John  W. OVERSTREETwas born near his present home at Little Hickman, Jessamine Co., Ky., April 8, 1848; he removed with his parents to Nicholasville in September, 1860, his father having been elected jailer of Jessamine County.  He was married to Miss Sallie Knight November 16, 1871, but the marriage not being a happy one they separated, she going to Missouri and dying there. One son, J. H. Overstreet, was born to them, now fourteen years old. His second marriage was to Miss Lizzie Crutchfield December 13, 1882; they had one child, Beatrice.  Mr. Overstreet owns eighty-two acres of good farm land eight miles southeast of Nicholasville. Written 1885.

II. Henry "Harry" Overstreet b in 1763, served in Revolutionary War  Had at least one daughter (may have married Sally Hornbuckle, Oct 13, 1796 in Madison Co, KY) He died in 1847.At Braddock's defeat, he ran barefooted through the brush, pulling off some of his toenails in the process.

    A.    Martha (Patsy) Overstreet b.1798 d. 1864 m. Joseph Baughn Apr 11, 1818 Jessamine Co, KY (children William or James H. and Sarah [who m. Squire Daniel Ford in 1840], Elizabeth, Matilda, Andrew, Lucinda, Catherine, and James).  A wonderful Overstreet family researcher is Brent Baughn, a descendent of this line.  I think his email is I know you will find Overstreet maillist postings from him.  BobO only has children Sarah and James H.

III. Elizabeth Overstreet b in 1765, may have married Richard Jones in VA per O Newsletters--apparently married before James and family moved to KY. Elizabeth died in 1822 in Louisa Co. VA per BobO.

IV. Jenny Overstreet b in 1766, m 1785 to William Harris in VA.  The O newsletters had this family remaining in VA, but this seems inconsistent with son John and subsequent children born in KY per BobO and emails in 1999 from descendents of this line. Children per BobO: Lewis Harris, Rice Harris, James Harris (who married Jeriah Overstreet listed above June 13, 1810 in Jessamine Co, KY), John Harris, Thomas Boyd Harris, Nancy Harris, Betsy Harris, Sally Harris, Jane Harris, Celia Harris, and Susan Harris.

V. Sarah Overstreet b in 1770 in Hanover, d in 1832 per the O newsletters, m Benjamin Harris.  In the Horine-Overstreet book she is listed as unmarried and remaining in VA.  She is also called Sally in that book. Died Nov. 6, 1858 in Louisa Co. Va. per BobO. Children per BobO: Elizabeth Phillips Harris, Elias Thomasson Harris, James Lewis Harris, Jennie Overton Harris, Martha Lee Harris, Mary Jones Harris, and Benjamin Franklin Harris.

James Overstreet m 2) Anney ?, who d October 13, 1781

VI. James Overstreet (b. 13 Jan 1774, d. 1814)  No record in either listing--I have received info on this line from Pat Hocker (, who received it from researcher Scott Swanson of Indianapolis. m.1 __________ Connor, m2. Lydia Johnson (dates unknown). BobO has a third marriage, which he lists as the first marriage, to Mary Ann ________. These children are by the Conner:

    A.    William Overstreet b. 31 Oct 1803, d. 25 Aug 1850 m. 1830 Mary Thompson in Jessamine Co, KY.

            1.    Flora Byrnes Overstreet b. 14 Nov 1845, d. 22 Sept. 1928 Richmond, Madison Co, KY. m. William Martin Green (daughter Bertha Green b. 27 Nov 1871, d. 1928 Richmond, KY, m. Lewis Earnest Lane>>daughter Martha Summers Lane b. 1903 Richmond, KY d. 1976 Richmond, KY m. Alfred Franklin Hocker>>son Alfred Franklin Hocker Jr. b. NYC , m. Patricia Mary Caldwell>>Matthew T. Hocker and Benjamin Lane Hocker).

    B.    Polly Overstreet (source BobO)

    C.    Rice Overstreet (source BobO)  There appears to be some Rice Overstreet family in the LDS files. One of their children per Scott Swanson was Sarah Overstreet, b. 1831 in Jessamine Co, KY, died 1859 in Clark Co. MO, m. Wm. White in 1855. One son Walter White, b. 1856-57.

    D.    Elizabeth Overstreet (source BobO)

VII. John Overstreet (1775) m. Elizabeth Prewitt Apr 23, 1803 in Shelby Co. KY.  (m. in email as 24 Apr 1804)  BobO has his death in Spencer Co. KY July 8, 1840,

    A.    Chesterfield Overstreet m. Lucinda Waller Oct 1, 1829. Children per BobO:  John Overstreet, James Overstreet, Lucinda Overstreet, Maria Overstreet, George Overstreet, and Johathan Overstreet.

    B.    John D. Overstreet m. Eliza Jane Lewis and moved from Logan Co, KY to Brandon, MS. Bob O has one child, Mary Overstreet.

    C.    Elisha Prewitt Overstreet m. George Ann Hart in McCracken Co, KY. McCracken Co. KY is the location of Paducah, KY, the largest city in what was known as the Jackson Purchase. I have found Overstreet descendents in this area trying to attach themselves to a larger branch, and it may be part of this line.

    D.    Franklin Overstreet m. Frances Overstreet (d. of Turlington Overstreet) in Dec 1833 in Spencer Co, KY.  Children per BobO: Mary Overstreet and Elizabeth Overstreet.

    E.    Tabbitha Overstreet m. John Ragsdale and moved to Jefferson Co, KY

    F.    James Prewitt Overstreet b. 12/27/1820 m. Emily Smith Dec 24, 1839. I believe there is more information on this family in the LDS files, as he was targeted as my possible ancestor per the local Family History Center.

VIII. Gabriel Overstreet (1776) m. Martha (Patsy) Hawkins jun 8, 1806 in Jessamine Co, KY, and lived in LaGrange, Oldham Co, KY. BobO has his death in 1874 in Woodford Co. KY.  I think that the W.S. Overstreet listed as unknown below might be part of this family, although the Winifred Scott Overstreet listed as a child of Samuel P. died at three months of age per BobO.

    This is from BobO:    A.  Adeline Overstreet, b. April 3, 1807 Jessamine Co, KY, d. March 1888, m. Thomas Clore April 21, 182

    B.    Elizabeth Overstreet, b. 1808 Jessamine Co, d. Dec 1830

    C.    Robert Overstreet, b. 1810, d. 1811

    D.    L. Franklin Overstreet, b 1813 Jessamine Co, d. Dec 1850, m. May 14, 1841 to Amanda Melvina Keynon

    E.    John S. Ovestreet, b. 1815 in Oldham Co, KY, d. Aug 1, 1878 in Mountain Peek, Ellis Co, TX, m. Betty Elgin Apr 13, 1854

    F.    Samuel Pittard Overstreet, b. Dec. 24, 1817 in Oldham Co, d. May 22, 1909 in Oldham Co. KY, m. Martha Ann Bland Feb. 6, 1838.  These folks had twelve children: Elizabeth Overstreet, John W.Overstreet, Mildred M. Overstreet, Isaac Bland Overstreet, Winfield Scott Overstreet, Mary M. Overstreet, Martha Catherine Overstreet, Samuel H. Overstreet, Gabriel Overstreet, Goerge M. Overstreet, Charles S. Overstreet, and Richard H. Overstreet.  Below are bios on members of this family:

JOHN W. BARRICKMAN was born October 28, 1843, and is a son of Elijah and Eliza (Pinnell) Barrickman, all natives of Oldham County, Ky.  John W.Barrickman is now a farmer, owning and residing on eighty acres in Goshen Precinct, Oldham County.  In November, 1867, he married Miss Catherine Overstreet, a daughter of Samuel and Martha (Bland) Overstreet, of Oldham County, and there have been born to this union five children: Charles, Mildred, Clarence, Wallace and Olie.  Mr. Barrickman is a Democrat, and a member of the Baptist Church.

ROBERT SHERLEY was born in Oldham County, Ky., July 25, 1839.  He was reared on the farm, the pursuits of which he has always followed, and now has 247 acres of land in Brownsboro Precinct, Oldham County.  He married, November 4, 1856, Bettie, daughter of Samuel and Martha (Bland) Overstreet, and five sons and three daughters have blessed their union: William B., Zachary T., Samuel, Andrew, Green H., Mattie B., Elizabeth L. and Zula May.

    G.    Martha A. E. Overstreet, b. June 15, 1819, Oldham Co, d. Mar 23, 1850 Oldham Co, KY.

    H.    Sarah Overstreet b. Sept 1821 Oldham Co, KY, d. Mar 1855 in Keene, Jessamine Co, KY, m1. William Head Feb 10, 1841, m2. John Cleveland Dec. 29, 1849, m3. James H. Elgin April 10, 1854.

    I.    Mary Matilda Overstreet, b. Dec. 11, 1823 Oldham Co, KY, d. July 21, 1852.

    J.    Catherine E. Overstreet, b. Nov 5, 1825 Oldham Co, KY, d. May 21, 1908, m. John B. Singleton Jan. 31, 1853.

    K.    G.W. Overstreet, b. Aug. 5, 1828 Oldham Co, KY, d. Nov. 3, 1846.

    L.    George Allen M. Overstreet, Apr. 2, 1831, Oldham Co, KY, m. Sarah A. Archer, m. June 7, 1850

IX. Mary Overstreet (1777) m. Daniel Mitchell and lived near  Louisville, KY. BobO has second marriage to Robert Wilson, m. Oct 1, 1807 in Jefferson Co, KY, and uses the nickname "Polly".

X. Samuel Overstreet b. 1780, d 1861, m 1) Elizabeth Hawkins Nov. 24, 1804 in Jessamine Co, KY, 2)Polly Whitesides.  He was a Methodist minister and settled in Franklin, Johnson Co,  IN. Seventeen children, four listed in the O newsletters, 15 per Bob O.  The family moved to Indiana in the 1840's.

     A. Laura M. Overstreet,m. LAWRENCE SHIRLEY was born in Oldham County, Ky., June 17, 1804, a son of  William and Elizabeth (Close) Shirley, natives of Virginia, the former coming to Kentucky in 1800.  Lawrence was reared on a farm, has always been engaged in agricultural pursuits, and now has a farm of 256 acres in LaGrange Precinct.  He married, in 1826, Laura M. Overstreet, of Oldham County, daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth (Hawkins) Overstreet. Mrs. Shirley died in 1868, the mother of the following children: William S., John T., living, and Albert and Zachary, deceased.

     B. Gabriel Overstreet's  b.May 21, 1819, Oldham Co. KY, d. Feb 8, 1907, Franklin, IN.  His wife was Sarah L. Morgan. Buried Greenlawn cemetery, Franklin, IN. Gabriel was an attorney--this info from a death record on Johnson Co. IN genweb site. Father of Congressman Jesse Overstreet of KS. BobO has children Samuel L, Jesse, Arthur, Hubert, Nine, Hassie.

    C Robert M. Overstreet, a minister in Emporia, KS.  BobO doesn't have this person, and I wonder if he is not the same as Mitchell.

      D.  Richard Thomas  Overstreet, b. 1825, d. 1896, m1. Elizabeth Kempton, children Anna M. Overstreet and William S. Overstreet, m2. Angeline Dunlap, b. 1839, d. 1862, child Joseph R. Overstreet, b. 1862.

    E.    Nancy Overstreet, m. Willis Yager, had child John T. Yager.

    F.    John Hawkins Overstreet, m1. Elenor Magill, one child Willis G. Overstreet, m. Margaret McNutt, d. 1890. Had children Ralph Overstreet, Elizabeth Overstreet, and Orsa Fred Overstreet. John H. m2. Nellie Frances Butler, b. 1861, d. 1944.

    G.    Martha Overstreet, b. 1810

    H.    James Madison Overstreet, m1. Melissa McClure, Children Melissa Overstreet, Stephen Overstreet, William Overstreet, Gabriel Jr. Overstreet (m.Belle Pruitt and Ida Riker, six children), Anna Overstreet, Jennie Overstreet, John Austin Overstreet, and Mary Overstreet.

    I.    William Harrison Overstreet, b. 1814, b. Laura Wilomina Wicks, children Mary O, Cornelia O, Alice O, Irene O, Laura O, and George O.

    J.    Catherine Overstreet, b. 1816, maried William Harbolt.

    K.    Elizabeth Overstreet, b. 1817, married John Herriott.

    L.    Samuel Oversteet--BobO seems to have a Samuel b. 1820, d before 1880, and Samuel D. Overstreet, b 1821, d. before 1880, m. Sarah Emeline Overstreet, with children William and Molly (who married a Payton). I have to think this might be one person.

    M.    Mary Eleanor Overstreet, b. 1823.

    N.    Mitchell Overstreet, b. 1826

    O.    Sarah Matilda Overstreet, b. 1828, d. 1881, m. Lafayette W. Fletcher, children James, Mary and Samuel Fletcher.

James Overstreet m 3) July 25, 1783 Nancy Davis (some researchers say she was Nancy Lewis), b 1760, d in Kentucky, October 29, 1832 at Harrodsburg, KY.

XI. Richard Overstreet b. 1784, d. 1811 or 1814, m. Mary Ramsey in 1803, Jessamine Co, KY.  Researcher Scott Swanson and others have helped to correct the problems that caused this person to be left out and  his children listed as children of James.  After Richard died William Overstreet, listed below, was named their guardian but I haven't been able to match much information about them.

        A.     Susan Overstreet (1804)  No record.

        B.     Emeline Overstreet (1806) Per Horine book she married a Phillips and lived in Olathe, Kansas.

        C.    James Hartley Overstreet (1808)  This might be the person married to Eunice O, daughter of John O, son of Thomas the Hatter O.  See below.

XII. Milley Overstreet (1786) m. Smith Phelps Aug 29, 1808 in Jessamine Co, KY and moved to MO.

XIII. Robert Dale Overstreet b 1789, Culpeper Co., VA, d July 30, 1855, Mercer Co, KY, m April 25, 1815 in Jessamine Co, KY Jane Lowry (1797-1879); he was a 4th Sgt. in the KY militia in the War of 1812. Twelve children.

    A.    Robert James Overstreet b.1816 d. 1863 in Harrodsburg, KY. m. Mary Frost b. 1825 in KY, d. 1902 in Mercer Co.,KY. Marriage date Nov 7 1844.

            1.    Anna Eliza Overstreet b. 1846, m. James Harvey Overstreet Nov 7, 1867, Mercer Co.

            2.    Maggie or Margaret Taylor Overstreet b. 1848, m. William Mann Nov 24, 1864.

            3.    Joe or Joseph Frost Overstreet b. 1850, Mercer Co. d. 1912

            4.    Jenny Lowery Overstreet b. 1855 d. 1939 in Danville, KY. She was married to James Prentiss Stagg (son of James Henry Stagg and Matilda Thomas) on 3 Jun 1880 in Mercer County, KY.  James Prentiss Stagg was born on 3 Jul 1857 in Mercer County, KY.  He died on 26 Sep 1943 in Danville, KY.  He was a carpenter and builder.  He was also known as James Prentice Stagg, and Prentice was on his tombstone per a direct descendent. Children:  Annie Barkley Stagg,  William "Will" Elmer Stagg, Carolyn Thomas Stagg,  Joseph Overstreet Stagg, Mary Dedman Stagg, Nancy Lowry Stagg.

            5.    Robert Smith Overstreet b. 1852 Mercer Co.

             6.    William Elmer Overstreet b. 1857 in Mercer Co.

            7.    John Milton Overstreet b. 1861

         8.    Susan Mildred Overstreet b. 1859--is this a duplicate of the family below?

    B.    Jerome Overstreet b. 1817 d. 1820

    C.    Milton Lowery Overstreet b. 1819 m. Catherine Martin Sept. 17, 1839 and moved to near Galesburg, IL where he farmed

    D.    Mary Ann Overstreet b. 9/11/1820 m. David Shy b. 1815 Oct 13, 1838 (or Sept. 18, 1839) in Mercer Co, KY and moved to near Sedalia, MO (one child, William H. Shy, b. 1841)

    E.    Margaret Isabella Overstreet b. 9/7/1822 d. 1894 m. Gabriel Taylor b. 1817 Oct 4, 1843 in Mercer Co, KY

    F.    Walter Cunningham Overstreet b. 1824 d. 1895 Smithton, MO m1. Mary Ann Seaton, Dec. 11, 1848. He was a medical doctor. m2 Gabriella W. Overstreet (daughter of William Overstreet and Nancy Cox).May 3, 1881 in Hopkins Co. KY--THIS APPEARS TO BE A SISTER TO MY JAMES--SEE BELOW.  Dr. Overstreet and Mary Ann Seaton had six children:

             1.    Robert William Seaton Overstreet 1850

            2.    Mary Jane Abby Overstreet 1855

            3.    Walter Cunningham Overstreet, Jr. 1857

            4.    Emma Thompson Overstreet 1859-1876

            5.    David Milton Overstreet 1863-1905

            6.    Anna Clay Overstreet 1868

    G.    Smith Felps Overstreet b. 5/10/1826 m. Susan Davis (daughter of Fielding snd Suckey O. Davis).

     I.    John Mitchell Overstreet b. 2/4/1830  Medical Doctor m. 1859 Martha Lowry (Phillips). Also moved to Sedalia, MO area. Supposed to have died in Kirkwood or Oak Park, IL.

      J.    William Samuel Overstreet b. 1832 m. Lucinda Jane Bass July 26, 1875 (or 1855)  and lived in southern MO.

            1.    Milton E. Overstreet b. 4/15/1856 in Mercer Co. KY

       K.    Sarah Jane Overstreet b. 7/23/1834, m. Oct 6, 1853 Thomas Jefferson Overstreet (a cousin, b. 3/1/1830, d. 9/26/1894 son of James and Maria (Downs) Overstreet)

      L.    Susan Mildred Overstreet b April 13, 1841 d. 1913, m William Armstrong Nov. 14, 1861.

                1.     John Armstrong
                2.    Charlie Armstrong
                 3.    Jenny Armstrong m. Mr. Palmer

XIV. William Overstreet (1791) settled in KY at Hardinsburg or Owensboro.  Two children per Overstreet newsletters, but I believe there were at least four.  Appears to have married Nancy Cox in Shelby Co. KY in Feb. 27, 1819  Hardinsburg is the county seat of Breckinridge Co. KY.  A bio of  a son of  Dr. D.F. Dempsey stated that the Doctors wife was from Breckinridge Co, which makes me connect her with this family.   I have finally found one Overstreet "Oberstreet" family in the 1840 census, which is headed by a Nancy Overstreet, which appears to be William's widow. The census listing includes one woman 70-80 (perhaps Nancy's mother),  another woman 30-40 (Nancy Cox Overstreet), and four minor females, which would include  Susan W., Mary G.? and Gabriella, who is found living with James' mother-in-law in 1860.  There is also a 40-50 year old male (probably a farmhand or John Cox), one 20-30 year old male (James W) and a 10-15 year old male (Samuel W.). This doesn't look bad and there are other Cox' family members on the same page. In the 1850 Breckinridge Co. KY census there is a Nancy "Overton", age 49, with a 16 year old daughter Gabriella, with a 52 year old John Cox, listed as blind, living eith them. I think this is my line, too.

    A.    Gabriella W. Overstreet, "Ella" or "Aunt Gabe",  b. 1834, m. Walter Cunningham Overstreet of  Smithton, MO, May 3, 1881--See more on him above--this is a marriage of first cousins but she was 47 and he was 57. Gabriella died July 29, 1920 in Madisonville, Hopkins Co, KY, and is buried in Grapeville Cemetery there, although no stone has been located. The Overstreet newsletters make this marriage look like it took place in MO, when it was actually Hopkins Co. KY, where Samuel and Susannah were already living.  Finding this marriage--I have a copy of the license--is what convinced me that my line is part of William's. In 1860 she is living with James W. Overstreet's mother in law, Lucinda Griffith Glover, who died in 1861. In 1870 and 1880 Gabriella and Samuel are living together, in 1870 in Calhoun and in 1880 in Hardinsburg. I have corresponded with a descendent of W.C. Overstreet who had family members visit "Aunt Gabe" back in Kentucky. In the 1920 census she is living with two of Susannah's widowed daughters and is listed as their aunt. Gabriella's death certificate lists her father was William Overstreet and mother as ___ Cox.

    B.    Samuel W. Overstreet, who fought in Mexican and Civil Wars.  Born 1829, died 1890, buried at Madisonville, KY.  His obit, generally provided by Mary Stewart, says at the time of his death he was living in MO, obviously at Smithton, Pettis Co, where some pension papers were filed for him in 1881. He had returned to Madisonville, obviously to the locality of his sister Susannah, when he suddenly became ill and died. His obit says he never married. Pension papers list his birth location as Oldham Co, KY, which is where William was on the 1830 census.

    C.    Susannah W. Oversteet, b. about 1824, d. 1906 m. D.F. Dempsey 1848 in Muhlenberg Co, KY--They soon moved to Hopkins County and had several children: James Fletcher, Mary, Minerva, John, and William (they both died young). Of these children only Mary called "Mollie", who married a Graham, had children who lived to adulthood, and I have been in contact with one of her descendents, Mary Stewart. Susannah is buried at Grapevine Cemetery, according to her obituary, but no tombstone is shown for her.  In the 1920 census Gabriella is living with two of the Dempsey daughters--both widows-- and is listed as their aunt, which makes me certain of the family relationship.

    D.    James W. Overstreet, b. 1820, d. 1874, m. Jane Glover 1847 Muhlenberg Co, KY--SEE BELOW FOR WHAT I HAVE ON MY FAMILY STARTING WITH JAMES W. OVERSTREET. Of the 4 or more children of William Overstreet I have the least documentation for James as a son. My only proof is Gabriella W. living with Jane Glover's mother in the 1860 census,  Samuel and Gabriella living near James in 1870, and family legend that he was from the Breckinridge or Meade county area.

    E.    Mary G. Overstreet, b abt 1838. This person may be a child who died or a servant. On the 1850 census she is listed with Dr. Dempsey and Susannah, age 12, in Hopkins Co, KY, but I found a person of this name in a subsequent census shown as a servant. I am still working out the family, and think this might be the same person as Gabriella, as a transcription of the 1850 census on line shows her as Mary G. or Gabriella and a sister of Susannah.

XV. Nancy Overstreet b in 1793, m ? Mitchell d. 10/29/1832. Spouse is not mentioned in Horine book, and no children are mentioned in either list.  This Nancy is listed as dying the same day as the third wife of  James Overstreet--I think something is wrong here as well, although there was a terrible cholera epidemic in 1832. BobO has her married to a Thomas Phillips, and Mary "Polly' married the Mitchell.

XVI. Suckey (Susannah) Overstreet b in 1795, m Fielding Davis Mar 23, 1812 in Jessamine Co, KY

    A.    Susan Davis m. Smith Felps Overstreet, son of Robert Dale Overstreet
    three more children

XVII. Lucy Overstreet (1798) d. 11/5/1799

XVIII. George Overstreet (b. Aug 5, 1800, Jessamine Co, KY) Horine book lists him as a tailor or harness maker in Terre Haute, IN.  From the Owen Co, IN genweb site he actually settled in Owen Co. and had a large family. He was married to Nancy McCarley (1804-1868) in Feb 1819. George died 1835, and is buried in Owen Co, IN.  Rose Overstreet  had lots on this family and a web page called Bill's Roots. Rose passed away in 2000. She had sent me some emails in 1999 but I misfiled them, so missed out on the chance to get to know her. I have copied BobO's info, and will compare it to Rose.

Here is Rose's nice site,

    A.    Cassandra Overstreet, b. 1822, d. 1870. married Jacob Ashbaugh, b. 1815, d. 1870. Children James M. Ashbaugh (1840), Nancy J. Ashbaugh (1845), Thomas B. Ashbaugh (1849), and Mary E. Ashbaugh (1857).

    B.    Moses Overstreet, b. 1823, d. 1869. First married to Nancy ??, no children. m2. Mary E. Pringle, b. 1828, d. 1921.

        1.    Ann Overstreet b. 1947
        2.    William Overstreet b. 1849

    C.    Richard G. Overstreet, b. 1827, d. 1881. Married Anna J. Hensley, b. 1832, d. 1853.

XIX. Mitchell Overstreet (b. 1803, Jessamine Co, KY) Horine book says he never married and was a physician in Louisville, KY.  I have found a number of Overstreets in the Jefferson Co. area but have not matched them to this family. BobO has a death date of April 20, 1831 in Oldham Co, KY.


 Thomas "The Hatter" Overstreet, b. c. 1755; married Judith Walker, c.1777; lived in Bedford Co, VA from 1783 - 1793; moved with his nine sons, one daughter to Mercer Co, KY around 1793; died c. 1833 in Mercer County. His dad was another Thomas, acording to other writers.  I changed quite a bit of this in August, 2000, based on prompting from Sandy Sims, listed below, and the BobO database.  I don't know if I will update this section much more, except for error corrections, of which there appear to be several.

I.  Lewis Overstreet b. abt. 1779. Married Christina Stennett per BobO, children Rueben, Thomas  L., Buckley, Greenberry, and Louisa. Lewis was first married to Mary Ann Davis per Dolly Overstreet Huff.

II.  Benjamin Overstreet b.abt.1786.m Mary Miller per BobO, children Benjamin, Frederick and Nelson.

III.  Thomas Overstreet b.abt.1787 married Mary McKinney Sept. 10,  1810, children Malinda, Rebecca, Richard Hardin, Lockey, Mary, Mahala, Elizabeth, Thomas, Andrew Jackson, Charles T., Judah Ellen, William Jefferson, and James Harrison Miles.

IV.  Henry Overstreet, b. abt 1788, d. 1824; married 1 to ? Walker of Wayne Co, KY. (I used to have another child, John, for this family, but Dolly Overstreet Huff says this is incorrect).

              A. Thomas-1812-1895  m. (1st) Virginia Thompson, 1841, Madison County, AL; m. (2nd) Katherine Jones, 1866, in Morgan Co.  He married in Huntsville, AL in 1841 and lived in this area until his death in 1895.  He nor any of his 11 children moved from North AL.

              B. Nancy-m.Lester T. Brown  Had at least one daughter, Cordelia,  who moved to Hancock County, where Nancy died while visiting her daughter in 1879.  People who have contacted me on this line include Mary Huehne <> and  Mark Ress <>.  These Brown children married into the Winklers and other of Daviess Co. KY.   BobO has Lester's death in 1866 so neither nor Nancy would be in the 1880 census.
 Geraldine <> sent me a wonderful listing of the descendents of this family in the summer of 2000.

                C. Marilda-m.Boles

                D. Emily-m. James Driscoll;

IV.  Henry Overstreet, b. abt 1788; married  2nd,  Mickey McKinney (daughter of John and Elanor McKinney, sister to Mary McKinney) on March 3-6-1823, one known child

                F.   Henry, Jr. born abt 1825, father died prior to his birth.

V.  Lockey Overstreet  b.abt. 1789 (male) married Micajah McKinney July 17, 1809 [per Mercer Co marriages]  BobO has son Hardin McKinney Overstreet.

VI.  John Overstreet  b. 5/09/1790 (I previously had him born 1781) in Mercer County, KY  d. 5/07/1857 m. Elizabeth (Betsy) Davis b. 12/19/1791  m. 2/12/1813  d. 5/11/1849

      A. .Eunice (Unicy) Overstreet b 1/27/1814  d. 12/19/1849 m. James Hartley Overstreet abt. 8/30/1830--I think this James Hartley is a son of Richard Dale O., son of James (3 wives) and Nancy

      B. .Moses Overstreet b. 1816 m. Sophia Ann Shively 7/20/1839 in Green Co

              1. Nancy Overstreet b. 12/31/1816 d. 12/17/1863 m.  Matthew Taylor b. 4/27/1827 d. 10/15/1906 near Wells, Ks

       C. .Amelia (Amanda) Overstreet b. 11/18/1818 m. George Madison Spalding  12/9/1834 in Mercer County, KY.  "Al & Darlene Spalding" <> is studying this line.

        D. America Jane Overstret b. 4/28/1821 d. 3/21/1856 m. Mr. Gunter

        E. .Judy (Judith) Overstreet b. 6/12/1823

        F. .Mary Isabella Overstreet b. 10/12/1825  d. 5/02/1846

        G. .John Overstreet b. 2/02/1828  d. 5/05/1876 m. Elizabeth Taylor b. abt 1832 d. 1914

        H .Rezin Davis Overstreet b. 5/28/1830 d. 2/09/1876 in Logan Co, Ill. m. Nancy Frances Smith b. 7/23/1840  m. 12/10/1865  d. 6/13/1896 Lived in Taylor Co, Ky and then in Logan Co, Ill.
                1. Elizabeth Jane Overstreet b 10/05/1866 d. 7/20/1951 m. Francis H. Smee b. 10/13/1861 m. 3/24/1887  d. 5/08/1917

                        a. Frances Catherine Smee b. 2/04/1888 d. 5/08/1968 m. Jason Griffith b 11/10/1883 d. 6/05/1973
                        b. .George Rezin Smee b. 12/14/1889 m.Rachel Wood
                        c. .Paul Jones Smee b. 6/17/1903 m. Mary Coulson
                        d. Isabella Overstreet Smee b. 7/16/1908 m. Rayford Booker

               2. Nancy Isabella Overstreet b. 1/20/1868  d. 3/22/1903 m. Ransom Davis

               3 .James F. Overstreet b. 7/26/1871  d. 1948 Graham County, KS m. Mary

               4. Irwin Patterson Overstreet b. 8/24/1873 d. 12/13/1928 m1.Blanche E. Sherwood who died 10/3/1908 m2.Mary M.   d, 1964

                         a.Arvid Rezin Overstreet b. 9/11/1915
                         b..Leah Overstreet b. 1918 d. 1997
                         c. Raymond Overstreet b. 1912 m. Marjorie
                         d..Floyd Overstreet b. 1913   d. WWI casualty 1943

VII.  James Overstreet b.abt 1792 per BobO (I had found 1785) married Susanna Campbell Sept. 11, 1809  [Marriage Bonds and Consents 1786-1810 Mercer Co., KY, p.86].  James died in Casey County, KY per Dolly Overstreet Huff. My understanding is some of his descendents moved to Edwards Co., IL, and then to central IL and Missouri.

VIII.  Moses Overstreet b.abt. 1793 married Rebecca Bilbo Dec. 22, 1817.  There is lots more information available on this family, which lived in Boyle County, KY. Children Paulina J., William Thomas, Mary Elizabeth, Archibald Benjamin "Bilbo", Moses and Nancy Jane. Second wife Lucinda Mullins Sept. 1, 1832 in Mercer County, had children Rebecca E., Saluda Ann, Sarah, Lucinda Frances, Margaret, and Martha.

IX. Aaron Overstreet b. abt. 1797 (newsletters had 1800) m. Susannah Brumfield in Mercer Co. KY in 1823. Children Caleb, James, Nancy J., Thomas, William, and Walker.  This sounds like info on the eldest child:

CALEB OVERSTREET, b. 12/14/1823, d. Mar 5, 1885. Fought in Mexican War. m. Mar 26, 1857, Mary Survant of Boyle Co. KY, and settled in Marion Co, KY. One child, Elizabeth J. Overstreet, m. Elias Harmon in 1880.

X.   Buckley Overstreet, b November 6, 1798, in Virginia, d May 17, 1867, in Huntsville, Schuyler County, Illinois.   He m Oct 18 or 25, 1823, Mercer Co, KY, Nancy Brumfield, b November 13, 1805, Mercer County, KY, and d September 22, 1875, Huntsville, Schuyler County, Illinois.   She was a daughter of Robert and Elizabeth (Bilbo) Brumfield.   The Champions <> is working on this line. This is Dolly Overstreet Huff's line, a researcher now living in Maryland. You can't miss her pre-internet posts when searching for KY Overstreets. Sandy Sims  <> has helped me get Dolly's family in the right location.

        A.  Minerva Overstreet b 1825, Mercer Co, KY, d 1860, Schuyler Co, IL, m William Moore, Dec 24, 1850.

        B.  Susan Frances Overstreet b March 15, 1829, Mercer Co, KY, d April 14, 1913, Brooklyn, Schuyler Co, IL, m March 18, 1852 Bryson Blackburn, b October 23, 1828, Ohio, d Sept 21, 1915, Brooklyn, Schuyler Co, IL.

        C.  Clara Overstreet b 1831, Mercer Co, KY.

        D.  William Wallace Overstreet b 1838, Schuyler Co, IL, d March 22, 1865, in Bentonville,
North Carolina.  I assume he died in the Civil War.

        E.  James B. Overstreet b December 17, 1840, Huntsville, IL, d February 2, 1920, Quincy Adams Co, IL, m Susan J. Kniss Jan 7, 1869.

        F.  Mary Overstreet b March 11, 1843, Huntsville, IL, d April 27, 1933, in Huntsville, m 1) James Baxter  2) William L. Brumbach.

        G.  John Lewis  Overstreet b January 17, 1847, Huntsville, IL, d June 23, 1923, Brooklyn,
IL, m Sept 18, 1872, Susan Elizabeth DeGarmo, b March 1850, d  June 1925, Jacksonville, Morgan Co, IL. Had sons Er-Lee and Frederic Louis Overstreet,  who was the father of Dolly Overstreet, who married Arthur Huff in 1937. Dolly has three brothers buried at the Rock Island, IL arsenal military cemetery.


There are several references to  a Mitchell Overstreet who married a Martha Coor and had at least four sons, including Gabriel, the last one b. in 1828. (His bio is on the KY biographies project.) They seemed to have lived in Madison Co. KY, and  came to KY with Daniel Boone's settlors at Boonesborough.  In a book on Boonesborough I found an article about Mitchell Overstreet serving as a grain inspector for Madison County, and later being appointed a judge.  Since this family had a James Wilder Overstreet there is a possibility of a relationship with my James W. Overstreet. Gabriel and family were living in Oldham county in the 1880s, and had also been in Shelby County, where his wife was from. A descendent of this line has told me that she believes this Mitchell to be a brother of James (3 wives).  I could put up another line on his family, as I have a long descendent listing, from Patricia Shoemaker <>.

   JOHN BONE, one of the oldest citizens of Hickman county, Kentucky, was born in Tennessee, February 10, 1818, and is a son of John and Patsie (Overstreet) Bone.  The father was born in Tennessee and the mother in Virginia.  Mr. Bone's paternal grandfather was John Bone, a veteran of the Revolution.  The family came to Hickman county in 1826, where the father engaged in farming and lived the rest of his life. During the war of 1812 he was a soldier in the second conflict with Great Britain.  In politics he was first a Whig and then a Democrat. All of his manhood days he was a member of the Methodist church, and died as he lived, a Christian gentleman, at the age of seventy-five years.  His wife survived him about twelve years, dying at the age of ninety years.  They had seven children as follows: William, who died aged seventy-seven years; Charity, who died aged seventy years; Herbert, who did in infancy; John; Nancy, now aged seventy-seven years; Minerva, who died at the age of sixty-four years; Susan, who died at the age offorty-five years.  His marriage occurred in 1837 to Millie Trafford, and three children were born to them, namely: Wesley E., James R. W.and William L.  Mrs. Bone died, and later Mr. Bone married Mary C. Guyn, born in Henry county, Tennessee, and died September 4, 1903, at the age of seventy-five years.  She bore her husband seven children , named as follows: Josephine, Harry M., Nancy S., Edward C., Elizabeth F., Mary A., and Luther.

Mr. Kuykendall was married January 28, 1885, to Miss Ida Overstreet, the daughter of W. S. and May Overstreet.  She is the eldest of five children, was born January 15, 1869, and educated in
the public schools of Woodbury.  The business of this gentleman consists  of a large store of general merchandise, carrying about $4,500 worth of goods, and a fine drug store stocked to the value of $1,500.   In politics he is a Democrat.  This is in Butler Co KY, in the middle southern part of KY near Muhlenburg Co.  Since some of Thomas line moved to Casey Co. KY my assumptions are that W.S. Overstreet and the C.C. Overstreet who had a high school in Woodford are part of that line.

BENJAMIN FRANKLIN SMITH, miller, Morgantown, Butler Co., Ky., is the fourth child of Liberty R. and Cynthia Ann (Lewis) Smith, the former a miller, millwright and cabinet workman, born in 1812, in Virginia, and the latter born in 1813, in Green County, Ky.  They had seven children: Daniel E. W., James P., Mary L. (wife of W. S. Overstreet), B. F., Margaret C. V. (deceased), Diocletian A. and Sarah J.


Descendants of Captain JAMES W. OVERSTREET - If there is no information by a name it is because the person is living, unless it is someone I have no information about.  My program gives everyone a number and you follow that number through the generations.


1.  Captain JAMES W. OVERSTREET1,2,3 was born in 1820 in KY.  He was a Tailor in 1850 in Daviess Co, KY.  He appeared on the census in 1850 in Daviess Co, KY.  He appeared on the census in 1850 in Muhlenberg Co, KY.  He appeared on the census in 1860 in McLean Co, KY.  He served in the military between 1861 and 1865 in Kentucky.  He was a McLean County Clerk between 1866 and 1870 in Calhoun, McLean Co, KY.  He died in 1874. Might he listed on 1840 census of Breckinridge Co. KY.

In 1860 census he is at house #028 in Calhoon Town, McLean Co, KY, next door to the Glovers. He was next door in 1850 too.  He was listed in both Muhlenberg and McLean in 1850--they must have gone for birth of Henry, and seemed to have stayed.

At the FHL I found 26th KY Infantry records, which was his unit.  Nothing on them has been put on the internet.  I also found a list of Civil War veteran graves which was compiled in the 1940s, and while a couple of families listed their person as "serving in Captain Overstreet's Company", no burial site is listed for him.   After visiting the  West Louisville Catholic cemetery my guess is that he was buried at Calhoun but without a stone or one that has deteriorated.  As the rest of the family left for TX shortly after James' death I doubt if they spent much time or money on a tombstone.

He was married to JANE GLOVER (daughter of Dr.  Eldred  S. GLOVER  and LUCINDA R. GRIFFITH) on 4 May 1847 in Muhlenberg Co, KY.  JANE GLOVER1,4 was born in 1833 in KY.  She appeared on the census in 1850 in Daviess Co, KY, and in 1860 and 1870 in McLean Co, KY.  In 1880 she appeared on the Shackelford County, TX census, and was living in Wheeler Co, TX in 1890 according to the Union Veterans Census.  She died after 1894 in Dallas, TX.  married by Rev. A. McKinchelo?  Captain JAMES W. OVERSTREET and JANE GLOVER had the following children:


3 ii. Millie OVERSTREET5,6 was born on 11 Oct 1854 in McLean Co, KY. She married  Charles H. Philbrick in 1874 in Erath Co, TX,  and lived in Mobeetie, Wheeler Co, TX, and then moved to Dallas, TX, about 1900 where she passed away within three years, according to a book on Panhandle families. Charles Philbrick served as the first mayor of Comanche, TX in 1871, and moved to Shackelford Co, TX a few years later, where he appears on the 1880 census.  The move to Wheeler County would have been between 1882 and 1887 (based on Jane Glover Overstreet's civil war pension application). Charles Philbrick passed away in 1905 in Dallas. They had five children, and I have recently been in contact with Brad Philbrick Wall, a descendent of their son Alphonse Glover Philbrick, who had 11 children and died in Dallas in 1944.  I have more information on this family if anyone is interested.

 4 iii. Mitchell OVERSTREET5 was born in  1852 in Kentucky.  Mitchell married Mary  Carnes in about 1874, probably in Comanche Co. TX.  Mary's parent's were David Carnes and Elizabeth Tuggle, natives of Georgia who moved to Mississippi and then Texas after the Civil War. Mitchell appears on the 1880 census of Comanche County, TX. Mitchell died in Dallas, TX in 1944, and is buried in Oakland Cemetery, Dallas, TX.  Mary Carnes died in 1936 in Dallas and is also buried in Oakland Cemetery. I have more information on this line.

  5. Edgar Ru OVERSTREET b. about 1859 in McLean Co, KY. I see him in the 1860 and 1870 census, and Jane's pension app indicates he was her dependent after James W.'s death, but I have not located him on an 1880 census or found a likely marriage. In the 1900 census Jane Glover Overstreet says she had 6 children, with 4 living. It appears that Edgar and an unlisted child may have died.

  6. Lucinda "Lulu" Overstreet was born in 1861 in McLean Co, KY.  In 1881 she married Robert E. Watts in Shackelford Co, TX. I have not been able to trace her further. I did find an Albany, Shackelford Co, cemetery listing for a couple with the Watts surname that were born in the 1880s and died in mid 20th century, which I need to investigate further.  Unfortunately, the descendents of Mitchell and Mittie apparently lost contact with each other after 1880, just as my cousins were unaware of their Texas cousins, other than a vague knowledge that somebody moved to Texas, so their is no shared oral family history to use as a research guide.

Jane Glover Overstreet was married 2. to J.L. Wheeler in Comanche County TX in 1875. They appear to have divorced before 1880 as she is living with her children and reusing the Overstreet name at that time, although her marital status is divorced on the 1880 census.  I had a researcher looking for the divorce file.


2.  HENRY GRIFFITH OVERSTREET "Grandpappy"  REP KY LEGISLATURE1,7,8 was born in 1850 in Calhoun, McLean Co, KY.  He appeared on the census in 1850 in Daviess Co, KY.  He appeared on the census in 1880 in McLean Co, KY.  He appeared on the census in 1900 in Daviess Co, KY.  He died in 1918 in Owensboro, Daviess Co, KY.  He was buried in 1918 in ST JOSEPH'S CEMETERY, DAVIESS CO, KY.  WAS IN KY STATE LEGISLATURE, 1909 -1914, first in the house of representatives and then in the senate.  HENRY'S GRANDCHILDREN WERE VERY CLOSE AND SPENT SUMMERS AT LILY MEADE HOMEPLACE.  LILY MEADE BURNED SHORTLY AFTER HENRY'S DEATH.  In the 1880 census he is listed as US Storkeeper and Gauger.  In his obituary it mentions he moved to TX for 12 months, then returned to KY( while his mother and brothers and sister stayed in TX.)

He was married to Mary Helen CLARK (daughter of William CLARK and Elizabeth LILLY) about 1872 in KY.  Mary Helen CLARK9 was born in 1852 in Maple Mount, Daviess Co, KY.  She appeared on the census in 1880 in McLean Co, KY.  She died in 1884 in Kentucky.  She was buried in Mt. St. Joseph Cemetery, Daviess Co, KY.   Green River newspaper gleenings has this lady buried at W. Louisville, which is another name for the area around Mt. St. Joseph Academy  HENRY GRIFFITH OVERSTREET REP KY LEGISLATURE and Mary Helen CLARK had the following children:

 +8 i. Jane Caroline "Carrie" OVERSTREET.
 +10 iii. William E. OVERSTREET.

He was married to Ella CLARK (daughter of William CLARK and Elizabeth LILLY) in 1884 in Daviess Co, KY.  Ella CLARK was born on 25 Nov 1864 in Maple Mount, Daviess Co, KY.  She appeared on the census in 1900 in Daviess Co, KY.  She died in Nov 1957 in Daviess Co, KY.  The family story is that she did not want to marry Grandpappy and only did it to raise her late sister's children in the Catholic faith.  HENRY GRIFFITH OVERSTREET REP KY LEGISLATURE and Ella CLARK had the following children:

 5 i. Henry OVERSTREET5. died 1891
 6 ii. Rhea OVERSTREET5. died 1897
 7 iii. Bessie OVERSTREET5. died 1897.  I have a photo which seems to have an 1894 date of a couple of sickly looking children which could be these two youngsters. It was taken in Madisonville, Kentucky, apparent home of Henry's aunt and cousins.


8.  Jane Caroline "Carrie" OVERSTREET10 was born on 21 Apr 1873 in Calhoun, McLean Co, KY.  She appeared on the census in 1880 in McLean Co, KY.  She died in Jun 1933 in Daviess Co, KY.

She was married to Edwin Galt BOOTH (son of Samuel  BOOTH and Nancy DAVIS).  Edwin Galt BOOTH9 was born on 2 May 1869 in Owensboro, Daviess Co, KY.  He died in Jan 1951 in Owensboro, Daviess Co, KY.  Jane Caroline "Carrie" OVERSTREET and Edwin Galt BOOTH had the following children:

 +11 i. Henry Overstreet "Big Brother" BOOTH Sr..
 +12 ii. Helen Ruth BOOTH.
 +13 iii. Samuel BOOTH.

9.  MARY "MAMIE" OVERSTREET11 was born in 1879 in KY.   She appeared on the census in 1880 in McLean Co, KY.  She died in 1949 in Evansville, Vanderburgh Co, IN.  She was buried in 1949 in ST JOSEPH'S CEMETERY, EVANSVILLE, IN.  FOUND HER MARRIAGE RECORD AT STANLEY KY CATHOLIC CHURCH, although the marriage bond says she was married at H.G. Griffith's house. She was a  DAR MEMBER.

She was married to CHARLES LANDRUM BIRK (SR) (son of CHARLES EDWARD BIRK and Adrian RUTH LANDRUM) in 1898 in St. Peters CATHOLIC CHURCH, STANLEY, KY.  CHARLES LANDRUM BIRK (SR)12 was born in Feb 1875 in Birk City, Daviess Co, KY.  He died in about Jun 1901 in Nashville, TN.  Charles  died of walking typhoid fever while on tobacco selling trip, according to my father,  who was born six months after his death. I'm not sure where he was buried, but I have it in Owensboro--body prbably shipped to KY.  My attempts to find an obit for him or even a news story about his death have been unsuccessful.  MARY "MAMIE" OVERSTREET and CHARLES LANDRUM BIRK (SR) had the following children:


She was married to EDWARD W. MORRIS DDS in 1907, probably in Union County, KY, or Daviess Co, KY.  EDWARD W. MORRIS DDS13 was born in 1874 probably in Union Co, KY.  He died in 1934 in Evansville, Vanderburgh Co, IN.  He was buried in 1934 in ST JOSEPH'S CEMETERY, EVANSVILLE, IN.  I am guessing about marriage location. My father did not like his step-dad but did give me an estimated date for the second marriage.  For several years they lived in a house at 904 Bayard Park Drive in Evansville, Indiana, where Dr. Morris had a thriving dental practice.  In the 1920s he  moved to downtown Chicago but did not prosper and returned to Evansville shortly before his death of a brain tumor.

10.  William E. OVERSTREET8,14,15 was born in Sep 1875 in KY.  He appeared on the census in 1880 in McLean Co, KY.  He appeared on the census in 1900 in Daviess Co, KY.  He died on 19 Jun 1933 in Daviess Co, KY.  He was buried on 20 Jun 1933 in Elmwood Cemetery, Owensboro, KY.  listed as distillery manager in 1900 census.

He was married to Janie WOODSON (daughter of Urey WOODSON and Sarah E. FORD) after 1900.  Janie WOODSON14,16 was born about 1887 in Kentucky.  She was buried on 17 Aug 1942 in Elmwood Cemetery, Owensboro, KY.  Three female children from this marriage, with family in the Owensboro area.


11.  Henry Overstreet "Big Brother" BOOTH Sr.9,17 was born about 1895 in Owensboro, Daviess Co, KY.  He died on 24 Mar 1975 in CHATTANOOGA, TN.  He was buried on 26 Mar 1975 in Mater Dolorosa Cemetery, Daviess Co, KY.  He was married.  Henry Overstreet "Big Brother" BOOTH Sr. had the following children:

 16 i. Henry Overstreet "Tookie" BOOTH Jr.13.  He lives in Atlanta and has several living children.

 17 ii. William E. "Billy" BOOTH13. He was married to Jessie McCracken, and had daughters Cindy, Susan, and Betsy, all of whom are living.

12.  Helen Ruth or Rose BOOTH9 was born on 8 Jun 1903 in Daviess Co, KY.  She died on 30 May 1992 in Owensboro, Daviess Co, KY.

She was married to Robert Edwin "Dooley" FIELD (son of John Edwin FIELD and Mary Ella SLACK) on 2 Jun 1923 in St. Stephen Church, Owensboro, Daviess Co, KY.  Robert Edwin "Dooley" FIELD18 was born on 20 May 1901 in Owensboro, Daviess Co, KY.  He died on 21 Jan 1973 in Owensboro, Daviess Co, KY.  Helen Ruth BOOTH and Robert Edwin "Dooley" FIELD had the following children:

 18 i. Edward Booth FIELD9 was born in 1926 in Daviess Co, KY.  He died in 1938 in Daviess Co, KY.  One child died of disease, while other drowned in pond west of house.

 19 ii. Robert Edwin FIELD9 was born in 1927 in Daviess Co, KY.  He died in 1932 in Daviess Co, KY.
 20 iii. Jane Caroline Booth FIELD SCN9.
 +21 iv. William Overstreet "Bill" FIELD.
 +22 v. Clark Gabriel FIELD.
 +23 vi. Philip Slack FIELD.
  24 vii. Elizabeth Overstreet FIELD9. Married James Corr Dec 5, 1998.

13.  Samuel BOOTH19,20 was born on 17 Sep 1905 in Daviess Co, KY.  He died on 26 Jan 1980 in Owensboro, Daviess Co, KY. OWNED AUTO DEALERSHIP AND LATER TIRE STORE IN OWENSBORO, WHICH HAS BECOME QUALITY OIL, INC. SHELL AND CITGO DEALERSHIPS.  He was buried on 29 Jan 1980 in Mater Dolorosa Cemetery, Daviess Co, KY.

He was married to MONTE MAY BALLARD.  Samuel BOOTH and MONTE MAY BALLARD had the following children:

 +25 i. Willaim Henry "Buster" BOOTH.
 +26 ii. Geraldine BOOTH.
 +27 iii. Richard "Dickie" BOOTH.
 +28 iv. Wendall  "Wendy" BOOTH.
 +29 v. Dorothy BOOTH.

14.  RUTH HELEN BIRK13 was born on 25 Mar 1900 in Stanley, Daviess Co, KY.  She died on 8 Dec 1978 in Evansville, Vanderburgh Co, IN.  She was buried on 11 Dec 1978 in St. Joseph's CEMETERY, EVANSVILLE, IN.

She was married to Frederick Carl FISCHER (son of Paul J. FISCHER and Emma REMBOLD) on 19 Jun 1924 in Evansville, Vanderburgh Co, IN.  Frederick Carl FISCHER22 was born on 8 Jan 1895 in Evansville, Vanderburgh Co, IN.  He died in Jan 1981 in Evansville, Vanderburgh Co, IN.  He was buried in Jan 1981 in ST JOSEPH'S CEMETERY, EVANSVILLE, IN.  RUTH HELEN BIRK and Frederick Carl FISCHER had the following children:

 30 i. Mary Overstreet FISCHER Sister was born on 25 Dec 1925 in Evansville, IN.  She died in 1961 in ST. LOUIS, MO LUNG CANCER.  She was buried in 1961 in SISTERS CEMETERY, VILLA DE CHEIN, ST. LOUIS, MO.
 31 ii. Frederick Birk "BIRK" FISCHER.

15.  CHARLES LANDRUM BIRK (JR)23 was born on 21 Dec 1901 in Stanley, Daviess Co, KY.  He was living in 1962 in Mill Shoals Twp, White Co, IL.  He died on 27 Jul 1971 in Welborn Hospital, Evansville, Vanderburgh Co, IN.  He was buried on 31 Jul 1971 in St. Patricks Cemetery, Enfield Twp, White Co, IL.

He was married to BEULAH GLADYS "Gladys" SAVAGE (daughter of FRANK ALMA SAVAGE and HARRIET ELINOR LOCKWOOD) on 20 Aug 1949 in ST. BENEDICTS RECTORY, EVANSVILLE, IN.  BEULAH GLADYS "Gladys" SAVAGE23 was born on 27 Sep 1917 in Mill Shoals Twp, White Co, IL.  She appeared on the census in 1920 in Mill Shoals Twp, White Co, IL.  She was baptized on 25 Dec 1996 in Carmi, White Co, IL.  She died on 26 Dec 1997 in Carmi, White Co, IL.  She was buried on 29 Dec 1997 in St. Patricks Cemetery, Enfield Twp, White Co, IL.  born on Frank Savage farm, Sect 22, lower portion of Mill Shoals Twp  Baptized by Fr. Michael Maughan SMA, pastor of St. Patricks Church, Enfield, IL  CHARLES LANDRUM BIRK (JR) and BEULAH GLADYS "Gladys" SAVAGE had the following child:

 +32 i. Lucinda Ann Eleanor BIRK CPA.

He was married to Vernice DIXIE Yarbrough  in about 1931.  He was divorced from DIXIE before 1936.  DIXIE13 died in 1939 in Tuscon, AZ, and she was buried in Paris, TN.   What I know about this lady is from the Field family, who talked about her after my dad died.  When moving my office I finally found this lady's death certificate and obtained a small obit. She had remarried a Brown. I assume she had no children by either spouse.


21.  William Overstreet "Bill" FIELD24He was married to Barbara HOFFMAN

22.  Clark Gabriel FIELD9. He was married to Alice SERR.  Clark Gabriel FIELD and Alice SERR had the following children:

 33 i. Philip FIELD13.

23.  Philip Slack FIELD5  He was married to Linda FOX  Philip Slack FIELD and Linda FOX had the following children:

 34 i. Mary Catherine PRUITT13
 35 ii. Julie Elizabeth "Julianne" PRUITT21

25.  Willaim Henry  BOOTH21. He was married to Betty Jean BROWN  Willaim Henry  BOOTH and Betty Jean BROWN had the following children:

 +36 i. Judy BOOTH.
 37 ii. Debbie BOOTH.
 38 iii. Karen BOOTH21.
 +39 iv. William Jr. "Billy" BOOTH.
 +40 v. Lisa BOOTH.
 +41 vi. Wendy BOOTH.
 +42 vii. John Phillip "Phillip" BOOTH.
 +43 viii. Brian Overstreet BOOTH.

26.  Geraldine BOOTH21.  She was married to Charles "Charlie" MUDD.  Charles "Charlie" MUDD21 died before 1995 in Nashville, TN.  Geraldine BOOTH and Charles "Charlie" MUDD had the following children:

 +44 i. Nancy MUDD.
 +45 ii. Danny MUDD.
 +46 iii. Michael MUDD.
 47 iv. Mallory MUDD21.
 +48 v. Monica MUDD.

27.  Richard "Dickie" BOOTH21. He was married to Faye BOOTH?.  Faye BOOTH?25.  Richard "Dickie" BOOTH and Faye BOOTH? had the following children:

 49 i. Kelly BOOTH25.
 50 ii. Kim BOOTH25 .
 51 iii. Chris BOOTH25.

28.  Wendall  "Wendy" BOOTH21,25.He was married to Mary Bryan MEDLEY.  Mary Bryan MEDLEY21,25.  Wendall  "Wendy" BOOTH and Mary Bryan MEDLEY had the following children:

 +52 i. Carrie BOOTH.
 +53 ii. Brian Joseph "BJ" BOOTH.
 +54 iii. Brad BOOTH.
 +55 iv. Tom Ed BOOTH.

29.  Dorothy BOOTH She was married to Leon HOWELL, and had the following children:

 56 i. Leigh HOWELL21.
 57 ii. Beth HOWELL21.
 58 iii. Samatha HOWELL21

32.  Lucinda Ann Eleanor BIRK CPA26She was married to JAMES RICHARD CONLEY CPA, JD, JR. (son of JAMES RICHARD CONLEY SR. and ROSEMARY LOOMIS) No children.


36.  Judy BOOTH21  She was married to Bill RUDY   She was divorced from Bill RUDY.  Judy BOOTH and Bill RUDY had the following children:

 +59 i. Jamie RUDY.
 60 ii. Kari Beth RUDY21.
 61 iii. Lee Michael RUDY.
 62 iv. Julianna RUDY.

She was married to Mike KINDLEY.   Judy BOOTH and Mike KINDLEY had the following children:

 63 i. Caleb KINDLEY21.

39.  William Jr. "Billy" BOOTH He was married to Patty WARD.  William Jr. "Billy" BOOTH and Patty WARD had the following children:

 64 i. Lori BOOTH21
 65 ii. Jenny BOOTH21
 66 iii. Will BOOTH.

40.  Lisa BOOTH.  She was married to Keavin HAYDEN.   Lisa BOOTH and Keavin HAYDEN had the following children:

 67 i. Sara Elizabeth HAYDEN21.
 68 ii. Mary Ellen HAYDEN21 .
 69 iii. Emily Ruth HAYDEN21.
 70 iv. Lydia Danniell HAYDEN21

41.  Wendy BOOTH21  She was married to Steven BLAKELY.   Wendy BOOTH and Steven BLAKELY had the following children:

 71 i. Lauren BLAKELY.
 72 ii. Booth Edward BLAKELY21

42.  John Phillip "Phillip" BOOTH He was married to Kimberly Lynn "Kim" GROGAN.  John Phillip "Phillip" BOOTH and Kimberly Lynn "Kim" GROGAN had the following children:

 73 i. Griffin Clay BOOTH21

43.  Brian Overstreet BOOTH21 He was married to Karen BYRNE.  Brian Overstreet BOOTH and Karen BYRNE had the following children:

 74 i. Garrett Overstreet BOOTH21.
 75 ii. Regann BOOTH21.

44.  Nancy MUDD21.  She was married to Gary O'CONNOR.  Nancy MUDD and Gary O'CONNOR had the following children:

 76 i. Tommy O'CONNOR21.
 77 ii. Mollie O'CONNOR21.

45.  Danny MUDD21.  He was married to Teresa MUDD?.  He was divorced from Teresa MUDD?.  Danny MUDD and Teresa MUDD? had the following children:

 78 i. Timmy MUDD21.
 79 ii. David MUDD21.

He was married to ?? MUDD?.

46.  Michael MUDD21.  He was married to Kimberly MUDD?.  Kimberly MUDD?21 was born in Texas.

48.  Monica MUDD21.  She was married to Kerry BOLIN.  Monica MUDD and Kerry BOLIN had the following children:

 80 i. Kyle BOLIN21.
 81 ii. ?? BOLIN21.

52.  Carrie BOOTH21 was born in Daviess Co, KY.She was married to Bernie SMITH.  Carrie BOOTH and Bernie SMITH had the following children:

 82 i. Sara SMITH21.
 83 ii. Megan SMITH21.

53.  Brian Joseph "BJ" BOOTH21 was born in Daviess Co, KY.  He was married to Paula CECIL.  Brian Joseph "BJ" BOOTH and Paula CECIL had the following children:

 84 i. Jessie BOOTH21.
 85 ii. Hannah BOOTH21.

54.  Brad BOOTH21 was born in Daviess Co, KY.He was married to Susan BOOTH?.

55.  Tom Ed BOOTH21 was born in Daviess Co, KY.He was married to Robin BRANDELL.  Tom Ed BOOTH and Robin BRANDELL had the following children:

 86 i. Peyton BOOTH21.
 87 ii. Sam BOOTH21.


59.  Jamie RUDY21.    Jamie RUDY and Larry BYRNE had the following children:

 88 i. Brant BYRNE
 89 ii. Benjamin BYRNE

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