Pets at Risk

In 1993 a group of White County residents decided that something needed to be done to help the companion animal population in our county. What we came up with was Pets at Risk, which I call a "humane society in gestation. Pets at Risk offers the following services:

# A pet referral service which attempts to match persons looking for pets with homeless or unwanted animals. We publish a monthly list of pets needing homes, which we fax to members and area businesses. We promote the service by participating in several county fall festival parades.

# Financial assistance to those wanting to spay or neuter their pets, plus other health care needs. To our group, controlling reproduction is our #1 goal, and is where we put most of our money. Several of our members issue vouchers which can be used with any area vet.

# Humane education services, which covers purchasing monthly pet newsletters for kindergarten students to visiting seniors at area nursing homes. The black and white photos on this page were taken during our recent visit to Wabash Christian Retirement Center in Carmi. We have always participated in the DAR Festival of Trees here in Carmi.

We finance our activities through sponsoring the "Little Prince and Princess Contest" at Carmi's Corn Day. We set up cans at the local banks to collect donations in honor of the entrants, who are ages 5 and 6. The winning girl and boy are the grand marshals of the Pet Parade and ride in the evening Corn Day parade. Applications are available in September at Lincoln and Mercy Gate schools.

At least once a year we sponsor Pet Pictures. This is a fun day for people and their animal friends. One year we sponsored a Hound Dog Walk in the city campground. We set a camper up in the Walmart parking lot for donations on Make a Difference Day.

We also accept donations of cash and pet food, and sell our shirts with our logos. We are in the processing of getting our tax exempt status approved. The long term goal of our organization is to open an animal shelter for White County. This may be a VERY long term goal, because there are many unanswered questions about location, staffing, and financing. Fortunately, we have a good relationship with Russell Fulkerson, Carmi's animal control officer, Dr. Jim Zieran, Carmi's vet, Dr. Laurie VanHouten, a vet in New Harmony, Indiana, and the three vets at Albion Vet Clinic.


For more information contact us at PO Box 2, Carmi, IL 62821. Amber Roser serves as treasurer, Lana Anselment is Public Relations Chair, and Deanna Hart is Service Chair, and deals with most dog problems along with Kathy Johnson of the Dale area. I am the Cat Lady. Other board members are Heather Inboden and Beth Hall, our first president.

Thanks for stopping by! Please have your pet fixed and take him/her to the vet every year.

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