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Who We Are:

The Southern Illinois Audubon Society (SIAS) is an organization of 100+ individuals who enjoy feeding, locating, and viewing wild birds and generally share an appreciation of nature.   We have members of all ages and all walks of life, from as far north as Springfield and as far south as Metropolis.

The SIAS is an affiliate of the Illinois Audubon Society. Organized more than a century ago and headquartered in Danville, IAS is a non-profit conservation, education, and lobbying group that specializes in preserving habitat for birds through ownership and stewardship of important blocks of land.

What we do:

We offer monthly programs on nature related topics and organize nature outings to various locations, all free of charge and open to the public. Our members provide educational programs for local schools and other organizations and take part in volunteer programs directed at conserving birds and their habitats.

We invite you to attend our meetings:

We currently hold 10 meetings a year, including a picnic in June and three potluck dinners, and conduct at least one outing a month.   For information about our upcoming activities please check our newsletter.

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