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If you are interested in Zoology, Environmentalism or just like wildlife in general, then you've found the starting point for exploration. The links on this page point to databases of animal facts or additional link sites that can quickly pinpoint for whatever you are searching.   Most of the links will open a new window, those pages on this server will open in this window. Please use the form below to send the webmaster any comments about this page. Remember
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National Audubon Society

The Illinois Ornithological Society

Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology

American Birding Association

The Virtual Birder
The Internet Magazine For Birders
Includes "On Location" interact bird identification game.

North American Breeding Bird Survey

The Nutty Birdwatcher
The site is unique in that it offers identification of birds by color, what trees birds are attracted to and what they use from the trees (seeds, nesting, etc.), Spring and Fall migration timetable, taxonomic order that can be understood by all, glossary of bird identification field marks, pictures and profiles of birds, and bird classifications/families, Genus and Species names.

Bird Checklists of the United States

North American Bluebird Society

The Hawk Migration Association of North America

The Penguin Page
Snowy Owl

Silly Birds!
Eagle WatchFlorida Eagle Watch
Quiktime Movies of Nesting Bald Eagle
Check regularly to see nesting progress.

Peregrine Falcon Nest Cam

Silly Birds!
A Pair of Cute Raccoons
With links to big cat sites.

On-Line videos of endangered animals.

U of Mich, Museum of Zoology
Animal Diversity Web

Internet Resource Guide for Zoology


Opossum Society

Punxsutawney Phil
Essential to visit on February 2

Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 Link 4

Silly Birds!
Illinois Department of Natural Resources

The Lindsay Wildlife Museum Wildlife Hospital

Bat Conservation International

Environmental Organization WebDirectory - Wildlife
More Wildlife links than you can shake a stick at!

Heyne Prairie Wildflower Homepage
Great resource for learning about our dwindling prairies.
Hoary puccoon courtesy of Bruce Heyne.

The Wild Rockies Organization
Buffalo Nations
Code of Forest Ethics
Petition to stop delisting of Grey Wolf

Mega list of Environmental Groups
compiled by Nat'l Audubon Society

World Animal Net
The largest ever collection of animal protection contacts.

Wildlife Conservation Society
In association with the Bronx zoo.
Hoary puccoon (lithospermum canescens)

Silly Birds!
How to Do It!

Building Floating Habitats

Full-Spectrum Lighting

Silly Birds!

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