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PUMA also called AMERICAN LION, COUGAR, DEER TIGER, MEXICAN LION, PANTHER, PAINTER, MOUNTAIN LION, or CATAMOUNT (Felis concolor), is a  large, graceful cat, of the family Felidae, that is exceeded in size only by the jaguar among cats of the New World. The name puma is derived from usage by the Inca Indians.

The puma ranges widely from the southern third of British Columbia to Patagonia in habitats as varied as mountains, deserts, and jungles, but, because of persecution by humans, it is now generally restricted to wilderness areas.  The mountain lion is found over a wider range than any other mammal in the western hemisphere, except for man.  Once common, the puma has been eradicated in many areas, and its survival is threatened.  The Eastern puma of North America and the Florida cougar of the Southern United States are considered endangered.

A male puma may grow to be 1.8 m (6 ft) long, plus a tail of 60-90 cm (2-3 ft).  Cougars' long tails may be one-third of their total body length.  An adult male cougar weighs between 63 and 90 kg (140-200 lbs), and a female cougar, between 40 and 50 kg (90-120 lbs).  The coat ranges in color from reddish to brownish yellow or gray.  Black stripes reach from the mouth to the eyes, and the tail tip is black.  The head is small and round with a black spot over the eyes.  Pumas usually live to be about 12 years old, but they have been known to live up to 19 years in captivity.

Cougars are most active at dusk and dawn.  However, they will roam and hunt at any time of the day or night and in all seasons. Pumas eat a variety of foods but rely heavily on deer where available. It will also feed on wild sheep, elk, rabbits, beaver, raccoons, grouse, and occasionally livestock.   A cougar is capable of killing a 270 kg (600 lb) moose.  It climbs well, is an excellent jumper, and often drops from limbs onto its prey. Its powerful limbs allow it to jump to heights of 18 feet (5.5 meters) or more.

Generally, cougars are solitary.  If tracks show two or more cougars traveling together, it probably indicates a female with kittens.  Cougars have four toes with three distinct lobes present at the base of the pad.  Claws are retractable, so they usually do not leave imprints.

Litters are born usually 2 years apart.  Its mating call is a harsh scream. During a 14-day period of mating a male and female will break their normally solitary habits to hunt together and sleep next to each other. About 3 months later mom gives birth to a litter of one to five young.  Blind at birth, the kittens have spotted coats until they are six months old.  They begin to take meat provided by their mother at six weeks, while they are still suckling.  Although they can hunt for themselves after nine months, they usually remain with their mother for two years.  During late spring and summer, one to two-year old cougars become independent of their mothers.  While attempting to find a home range, these young cougars may roam widely in search of unoccupied territory. This is when cougars are most likely to conflict with humans.

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